straight rod wire bending machine
Wire Bending Machine

3D CNC straight rod wire bending machine

It can both bend the wire and pipe, can be bi-directional bent and no interference, it is especially suitable for the efficient bending of car seat headrest poles and fucniture metal parts bending and so on.
Description Specification
PB180-3A is an economical three-dimensional three-axis three-axis all-electric CNC wire bending machine. The CNC wire bending machine is driven by a Japanese Mitsubishi or Yaskawa servo motor to feed the wire (Y) axis, transfer line (B) axis, and wire bending (C ) The shaft, the vertical displacement of the beating shaft, the gripping device, the supporting device, the automatic feeding device, and the retrieving device are driven by electromagnetic cylinders. This machine has the characteristics of high precision control of three axes and high bending power. All procedures Compilation and input are performed directly on the touch screen of the conversational industrial computer. All information descriptions can be automatically selected to be displayed in Chinese or English. The operation is extremely convenient, fast and accurate.
High-performance three-dimensional three-dimensional automatic CNC bending machine is widely used in mass production or standardized production, such as automobile, locomotive and other parts, such as car seat skeleton wire, sun visor skeleton wire, automobile door lock lever, hood support rod At the same time, it is also used in the bending of shopping trolleys, warehousing, shelves and other products.
This model is suitable for the drawing wire data provided by your company. The bending material is stainless steel and other wire materials. The wire diameter specifications are in the range of D3-16.
Our company recommends that the above wire bending molds are made as follows:
1) D2 mold steel imported from the United States is used for mold manufacturing. After precision machining, the entire mold is vacuum-quenched and the surface is mirror-polished. The hardness can reach HRC55°-60°, which effectively guarantees the smoothness of the outer surface of the wire after bending.
※The following is the material and specifications of the pipe fittings for making wire molds: (the wire for manufacturing and trial bending molds is provided by the buyer) 200 wires of each specification are provided.

Main technical parameters Unit Data
Wire range (flexible wire) Soft wrie mm ¢3-18
Maximum bending wire diameter Wire range (hard wire) Hard wire mm ¢3-16
Feeding stroke mm 1000
Feed length Wire rang mm No limit
Data input method   Input data(Y、B、C)
Bending program file storage   200
Feeding (Y) axis speed
Max.feeding speed
mm/min 1000(speed can adjust
Feeding accuracy mm ±0.05
Spinning (B) axis speed Deg/sec 360°(speed can adjust
Turning accuracy degree ±0.05
Curved (C) axis speed Deg/sec 120°(speed can adjust
Bending accuracy degree ±0.05
Total power HP 5.0
Machine shape (L×W×H) mm 2200×600×1400
Machine weight Kgs 1800