CNC 2D Wire Bending Machine
Wire Bending Machine

2D CNC Wire Bending Machine

The 2D CNC bending machine is a fully automatic machine for producing various two-dimensional die pressing parts.
Description Specification
CNC 2D wire bending machine

Brief description Brief description

The 2D CNC bending machine is a fully automatic machine for producing various two-dimensional die pressing parts. As long as the parameters are set on the operating table, the ideal two-dimensional shape can be bended at one time without additional dies. The line diameter range is suitable for 2.0-6.0 mm.
Processing wire, steel wire, stainless steel wire, non-ferrous wire (round, square, flat), bending, square, round, hexagonal, elliptical irregular shape and various flat buttons, hooks.
Product Application of Fully Automatic CNC 2D Steel Wire Bending Machine
1.Automobile accessories: car seat frame, door lock rod, snake spring (including single snake and double snake), car cat head spring, car seat belt spring, car seat wire accessories, motorcycle accessories, bicycle accessories and hanging basket are more suitable for production with wire forming machine;
2.Daily hardware products: kitchen display rack, clothes rack, egg beater, cabinet basket, refrigerator rack, bathroom clothes rack line products, supermarket shopping basket, trolley, display pendant, etc.
3.Wire crafts, lighting products, fishing gear accessories, including wine racks, fruit kettles in KTV, Christmas gifts, etc., are all wrapped with different shapes of wire or wire plane or three-dimensional parts.
4.All kinds of cage processing: pet cage, bird cage, dog cage, cat cage, breeding cage, trap cage, etc.
5.Clothes hanger, shoe hook, curtain hook, shelf hook, display hook and other hooks.

Features of fully automatic CNC 2D steel wire bender:
1.CNC two-dimensional steel wire bending machine, corner with the production of different products. The debugging time is short. New products need only simple adjustment, and can be produced after debugging to improve delivery speed.
2.The function of transmission line is realized by the rotation of conductor itself, which makes the production of multi-angle rotation more convenient and fast.
3.The working platform can move up and down, and the forming space is larger, which provides more convenience for the production of two-dimensional products.
4.Auxiliary lifting plate: play a supporting role in the production process, avoid product deformation due to its own weight and product specificity, and ensure product stability.
Composition and description of steel wire bender structure:
The machine structure consists of a machine stand and a feeding rack.
Machine platform composition: 
1.feed assembly, 
2.straightening frame, 
3.bending assembly, 
4.hydraulic system
5.CNC electrical control part.
Functional Composition of Machine: 
1.Hydraulic system(cutter)
2.Feeding Assembly (Completing Material Transportation). 
3.Straightening Frame (Straightening Material). 
4.Bending Line Assembly (Product Forming)

Model 2-6MM wire bending machine (two servos)
Electrical voltage Three-phase three-wire
Number of straightening wheels 24 groups
Number of feeding wheels Three groups
Servo motor power Double 2.2kw Taiwan Servo Motor
Cutter cylinder cutter   6MM wire
Oil pressure range 0.3-0. 6mpa
Hydraulic oil model 46#68#
Applicable wire Round wire, flat wire, square wire (the default is equipped with round wire mold, flat wire and square wire should be ordered according to size)
Applicable wire range 2 -6mm iron wire standard
physical dimension 2300mm*950mm*1600mm
Circumference range Unlimited
Store Unlimited data, 300 action groups
Wire feeding speed 50m/min
Maximum bending speed 300 revolutions/min angle ±180°
Action direction Inner mold-move down / move up,Outer mold-move down / move up 360° in both directions
effectiveness 15-18pcs/min (in 200*200 box)
Bending accuracy ±0.5mm
Wire feeding accuracy ±0.5mm

Hydraulic System
Pressure regulator No
Pressure relief valve No
The electromagnetic valve 2
Pressure gauge 1
Oil circuit board 1
Cooling pump No
Servo System Maximum feeding torque 50 Nm
Maximum bending of feeding 15 Nm
control box Button
System Taiwan
  Random Accessories Tool box, tools, bottom knife, threading hole, elbow, and ordinary feeding rack