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Full Automatic Bending Cell

Full Automatic Bending Cell

Using ABU series automatic bending cell by fort TRU series manipulator and PB6,EB5 series bending machine, can significantly improve the level of automation of sheet metal processing, reduce the labor intensity;High productivity, high quality.
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The use of ABU series automatic bending unit, consisting of TRU series robot and EHP series bending machine, can greatly improve the automation of sheet metal processing, reduce labor intensity, high productivity, high quality and high efficiency, and bring rich multiple returns.
1. The important parts of the world-famous brands. Improve equipment reliability and accuracy.
2. Adequate space travel, to adapt to all types of large-scale processing of complex parts.
3. Advanced sheet separation technology to ensure that only grab a plate at a time.
4. The German control system to achieve feeding, accurate bending follow the unloading and fully automated operation.
Equipped with a backstop stop finger plate by the positive detection sensor, continuing to ensure the consistency of each product.
5.24 hours a day, large-scale built heavy labor tasks, and according to different parts, flexible replacement of clamping tools to adapt to different processing needs.

Technical parameters:
Name Unit TRU50 TRU80 TRU120 TRU160
Loading capacity Kg 50 60 120 160
X travel Mm 5000 6000 6000 6000
Y travel Mm 1000 1250 1600 1600
Z travel Mm 1000 1350 1350 1350
A travel mm ±92.5 ±92.5 ±92.5 ±92.5
C travel mm ±182.5 ±182.5 ±182.5 ±182.5
Supply pressure MPA 0.55 0.55 0.55 0.55
Motor power kw 13.3 14.3 16 20
Overall length mm 6500 8400 8400 8400
Overall width mm 2500 2980 3480 3480
Overall height mm 3700 4200 4200 4200
Weight kg 3500 4500 5500 6500