Panel Bending Machine
Full Automatic Bending Cell

Panel Bending Machine

Automatic panel bender
Fully automatic all-in-one bending solution for all type of bends
Description Specification
Automatic Panel Bender/electric panel bender/Automatic folding machine 
Bending method of a Multi-axis drive bending machine includes the following steps:
1) First adjust the relative position of the upper and lower pressing knives; adjust the position of the upper and lower bending knives relative to the upper and lower knives; adjust the position of the loading and unloading driving device; adjust the height of the lifting platform and the position of the locking mechanism;
2) Place the sheet on the loading and unloading platform, first raise the positioning clip of the lifting rear positioning device, use the positioning clip to position the rear end of the sheet, and then adjust the positioning block on the rail-type side positioning device. Position, positioning the lateral position of the sheet through the positioning block;
3) The lifting platform is lifted to the position where the locking mechanism contacts the sheet by the lifting mechanism on the loading and unloading driving device, and the sheet is locked and fixed by using the locking mechanism; the locking mechanism can be set as a suction cup, and the negative pressure The principle causes the suction cup to generate negative pressure to hold the sheet; and the locking mechanism can also be set as an electromagnet, which fixes the sheet by the attraction of the electromagnet;
4) The sheet material fixed on the adsorption mechanism is transferred to the position between the upper and lower pressing knives through the upper and lower driving device, and one end of the sheet material extends between the upper and lower knives;
5) Adjust the position of the upper pressing knife through the pressing driving lifting device, so that the upper pressing knife is pressed on the sheet, and the sheet presses the lower pressing knife to fix the fed sheet between the upper and lower pressing knife;
6) After the end of the sheet is pressed by the upper and lower pressing knife, the adjustment and adjustment of the horizontal bending driving device and the upper and lower bending driving device, and the pressing and lowering driving control the pressing and fixing and releasing of the upper and lower blades, As well as the loading and feeding actions driven by the loading and unloading, complete the bending of any shape, any angle and flexible arc bending parts.
Bending parts sample

Machine use condition:
1. Power supply: 3Phase, the voltage fluctuation is -5%+10%; when the voltage fluctuates greatly, the user must be equipped with a voltage stabilizer, otherwise it will cause the low-voltage electrical appliance to be in an abnormal working state, and the life of the electrical device will be reduced or broken, processing products are scrapped, motor alarms cause stop working, computer hard disk damage and other problems.
2. Air source: output above 0.6Mpa, dry and clean compressed air, air supply volume 0.3m3/min; if the air is not dry enough, the user should be equipped with a refrigeration dryer, otherwise there will be water in the pneumatic components and then cause the frictional resistance of the piston to increase, also the wear of the sealing ring will cause air leakage and other problems. Especially in winter, it is easy to freeze, leading to aggravated damage to the pneumatic components.
3. Ambient temperature: 0°C +40°C; lower than 0°C will cause the oil-water separator, gas tank and other parts with water may freeze. The lubricating oil will be too viscous due to low temperature, which will affect the lubrication effect, which resulting in damage or failure of components.
4. Environmental humidity: relative humidity 2080%RH (non-condensing).
5. Keep away from strong vibration sources and electromagnetic interference; if the distance is too close, users must be equipped with filters, otherwise it will cause computer screen flickering, LED light flickering, driver alarm, encoder abnormality, or interference with other nearby equipment.
6. The environment with little dust, no harmful and corrosive gases.
7. The foundation is prepared according to the supplier's foundation plan.
8. The user should select personnel who have a high school level or above, understand basic computer operations, and can work in this position for a long time for training.

Technical data:
Item Name Model:B1-1400 Model:B2-2000 Model:C1-2500
1 Max bending speed 0.2S/times 0.2S/times 0.2S/times
2 Max bending width 1400mm 2000mm 2500mm
3 Bending height 175mm/300mm 175mm/300mm 175mm/300mm
4 Voltage customized customized customized
5 Max power 18KW 25KW 28KW
6 Average Power 1.8KW 2.5KW 2.5KW
7 Noise 50decibel (db) 50decibel (db) 50decibel (db)
8 Machine size Length 4400mm
Height 2900mm
Length 5100mm
Height 3300mm
Length 5650mm
Height 3400mm
9 Weight 12000kgs 16000kgs 19000kgs
10 Operation
Windows   Windows   Windows 
11 CNC Controller PC-BASE 9 axis full servo controller PC-BASE 9 axis full servo controller PC-BASE 9 axis full servo controller
12 Machine frame cast-on outwell cast-on outwell cast-on outwell
13 sucker Can change Can change Can change
14 Standard Max bending thickness(Customized 2mm carbon steel) UTS 580N/mm² 1mm
UTS 410N/mm² 1.6mm
UTS 265N/mm² 2mm
UTS 580N/mm² 1mm
UTS 410N/mm² 1.6mm
UTS 265N/mm² 2mm
UTS 580N/mm² 1mm
UTS 410N/mm² 1.6mm
UTS 265N/mm² 2mm
15 Min Plate thickness 0.35mm 0.35mm 0.35mm
16 Four side bending Min size 140mm×190mm 140mm×190mm 140mm×190mm
17 Double size Min bending size 140mm 140mm 140mm
18 Max bending size 1400mm length*1400mm width 2000mm length*1250mm width 2500mm length*1250mm width
19 Narrow function yes yes yes
20 C axis lift yes yes yes
21 Automatic lubrication yes yes yes
22 High speed control table yes yes yes
23 Hem function yes yes yes
24 Hand wheel Yes Yes Yes
25 Warranty time One year One year One year

No Name Manufacturer
1 Machine frame Cast-on outwell(SMART CNC)
2 Operation environment Windows7 above
3 CNC Controller PC-BASE(Independent R & D)
9 axis
4 Servo Motor Joint research and development with famous brand  servo factory(Special driven and frequency)
5 Balls screw HIWIN,Taiwan
6 Bearing NSK,Japan
7 Linear guide HIWIN,Taiwan
8 Toolings Patented spherical head, more wear-resistant, longer service life,high HRC  
9 Sucker AIRBEST
10 Pneumatic parts SMC,Japan
11 Reducer Taiwan
12 Coupler NBK,Japan
13 Lubrication system ISHAN,Taiwan