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1500W Laser Welding Machine

The machines appear to laser equipment industries, fills in the blank of hand-held welding. It has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful welding beam, fast welding speed and no consumables. Welding in thin stainless steel sheet, iron sheet, galvan
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Brief Introduction:
The fiber continuous welding machine is a high-end, new type of welding method. It is generally composed of a "welding host" and a "welding table",it adopt fiber laser device as the laser generator,whole machine free of maintenance,no consumables,strong welding effect and more fine weld seam.
It can meet the needs of users in different industries according to the matching shape and workbench on the production site and the automation work,widely used for seam welding,stainless steel,alloy ,brass,galvanized sheet high precision welding .
It can weld a wide range of metal,including the stainless steel,carbon steel,copper,aluminum,galvanized plate,etc
Widely applied in the fields of aeronautical and space, mechanism, electron, communication, dynamic,Chemical, automobile manufacture and other industries.

Handheld Signage Advertisement Signs Laser Welding Machine Main Features and advantage:
1. This laser welding machine is mainly for the welding of thin metal sheets within 8mm, which makes up for the inconvenience of traditional argon arc welding technology for hot-melting, easy deformation and further processing after welding. The laser welding speed is 10 times faster than manual argon welding. One machine can do at least 2 persons welding work. Workers are highly efficient and do not feel tired when welding for a long time.
2. RAYCUS fiber laser source, china No.1 laser source brand with high speed and powerful beam.
3. Self developed wobble welding head which make up for the disadvantage of small laser welding spot,With multi-point spotting and laser spot beam can be shaken by 0~4mm width,which is very suitable for irregular weld seam welding; beam can be shaken and largely improved handheld laser welding depth quality issues .
4. Excellent Welding effect,with continuous emission laser mode so welding spot is even and welding surface is very smooth and clean,no need the second process after welding.
5. Easy operation, no need too much skills and save you expensive technical labor costs.
6. No any consumable parts , Maintenance free
7. A variety of hand-held heads are available which can be choosed for various requirements such as metal parts, internal welding,right-angle welding, narrow-side welding, and large spot welding.
8. Heat input can be minimized, with small heat affected zone which can decrease welding deformation due to heat conduction
Difference Traditional Welding Yag Laser welding Fiber Laser Welding
Heat effect to the workpiece very high low low
Deformation of the workpiece big small small
Bond strength to base metal general good very good
After-treatment Polishing No need to polish, or rarely polished No need to polish, or rarely polished
Welding speed general More than 2 times argon arc welding More than 2 times argon arc welding
Applicable material stainless steel, carbon steel. galvanized sheet stainless steel, Carbon steel. galvanized sheet stainless steel, carbon steel. galvanized sheet
Consumables More consumables Less consumables Less consumables
Operation difficulty complex general simple
Operator safety Unsafe Safety Safety
Environmental protection impact Not environmentally friendly Environmental protection Environmental protection
Welding fault tolerance it is good not good it is good
Swing welding no no yes
Spot width adjustable no no yes
Welding quality comparison difference general Very good

Please see the Youtube Video as following:

Technical Data
Model 1000SM 1500SM 2000SM
Laser Running Mode Continuous/Modulate
Input Voltage AC220V±10%,
50HZ/60HZ(Single Voltage)
50HZ/60HZ(Three Voltage)
50HZ/60HZ(Three Voltage)
Beam Quality M2<1.1 M2<1.15 M2<1.2
Raycus Device Power 1000W 1500W 2000W
Line Width <4nm <4-5nm <5nm
Laser Wavelength 1070nm
Beam-divergence Angle ≤1.2mrad/m
Welding Connector QBH
Fiber Length 10-15m
Position Red Pointer
Cooling System Industrial water chiller,circulation system, heat exchange titanium tube, over temperature alarm, flow protection, water level protection

Here are 1kw and 1.5kw laser welding machine maximum welded capacity
Stainless steel 4mm
Carbon steel /mild steel 5mm
Galvanized Sheet 2mm
Brass 1mm
Aluminum 2mm
Stainless steel 6mm
Carbon steel /mild steel 8mm
Galvanized Sheet 4mm
Brass 2mm
Aluminum 3mm