China Tube Laser Machine
Laser Cutting & Welding Machine

Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Tube Laser Cutting Machine from 1000-6000W IPG or Raycus
Description Specification
(1)Applied Pipes
Professional for cutting round, square, rectangle, oval and etc. pipes or tubes.

(2)Applied industries & Pipe dimension

SMART CNC pipe laser cutting machine is with rational structure, the machine body is designed with one-time welded high tensile carbon steel plate.
Machine Body - the Heavy Part should be Heavy
We have stable design with thick carbon steel welded table. a.Without any shake during the machine fast movement
b.It weld by thick steel, main frame is high stensile plate, with stiffener design inside
c.machine table net weight : 16T, 12M Length
d.Handled by vibration aging treatment to eliminate the pressure force. e.Machine structure is durable and anti-deformation for long time operation.
Youtube video as following:
 Machine specification
Item Specification
Max pipe length(mm) 6000
Max round pipe diameter(mm) 220
Minmum round pipe diameter(mm) 20
Max square pipe diameter(mm) 150*150
Minimum square pipe diameter (mm) 20X20
Minimum pipe thickness(mm) 1
Max pipe thickness(mm) 10
Effective stroke X(mm) 6050
Y(mm) 100
Z(mm) 200
W(°) 360
Position accuracy X(mm) ±0.10
Y(mm) ±0.05
W(°) ±0.02
Z(mm) ±0.01
Repeat accuracy X(mm) ±0.08
Y(mm) ±0.03
Z(mm) ±0.005
W(°) ±0.01
Max position speed X(m/min) 70
Y(m/min) 70
Z(m/min) 35
W(n/min) 100
Complete machine power consumption(Kwh) 18.5
Complete machine weight (T) 6.5
Dimention: L×W×H(mm) 10230×1580×1500
 Machine Configuration
Machine parts list
No Item Brand Note
1 Machine table SMART CNC China
2 Auto tube feeding SMART CNC China
3 Fiber laser IPG-3000 Russia/Germany
4 Laser head Raytools (auto focus) Switzerland
5 Chiller Hans China
6 CNC controller Cypcut3000S Mostly used for laser tube cutting
7 Helical gear rack Apex Taiwan
8 Linear guide Bosch Rexroth Germany
9 Servo Yaskawa Japan
10 Solenoid valve SMC Japan
11 Gearbox Shimpo Japan
12 Proportional valve SMC Japan
13 Pressure valve Parker Germany
14 Auto Height controller BCS100 China
15 Relay Schneider France
16 Pneumatic support SMART CNC 5 sets
17 Rotate Chuck SMART CNC 2 sets pneumatic chuck
18 Voltage stabilizer Shanghai Huadong China
19 Isolation transformer Shanghai Huadong China
Operation reference and costConsumables ( as reference)
Consumable list Life time (hour)/pc QTY For 1 Year Price (USD)/pc Total(USD)
Protection glass 240 24 10 $240.00
Brass Head 1.0 single layer 240 24                      (Quantity for each type depend on the material thickness ,please inform us in advance. 10 $240.00
Brass Head 1.5 single layer 240
Brass Head 2.0 single layer 240
Brass Head 1.5 bilayer layer 240
Brass Head 2.0 bilayer 240
Sensor Cable 1200 1 30 $30.00
Ceramic Ring 1200 2 80 $160.00
Operation cost
Gas consumption takes 1mm CS and SS plate cutting as reference,
O2 consumption decreases along with plate thickness increase,
N2 consumption increases along with plate thickness increase,
Item Consumption. Note
Electricity (kw/h) 18.5 Complete machine
O2(L/h) 5.5 1mm carbon
N2(L/h) 14 1mm stainless
Protection glass/month 2-3  
Nozzle/month 2-3  

Warranty and Service

Complete machine has TWO year warranty after installation, and life-long technical support service.

During warranty period, any quality problem, we offer free repairing or replacement of parts.

After warranty period, we offer free technical support, just charge material cost.
Our promise: Respond to any of your inquiry within 24 hours.

Pre-sale service
Free sample cutting,
For free sample cutting/testing, please send us your CAD file, we will do cutting here and make video to show you the cutting ,or send sample to you check cutting quality.
Customized machine design
According to customer’s application, we may revise our machine accordingly for customer’s convenience and high production efficiency.
Service after sales
  1. Machine will be supplied with training video and user's manual in English for installation, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting, and shall give technical guide by e-mail, fax, telephone, skype…. for fast solution. We may offer technician for onsite service, customer shall cover visa, ticket, local living cost.
  1. Customer may come to our factory for training. We will offer training of installation, operation, machine trouble-shooting, and maintenance.
During training in our workshop, we offer free training and living cost for 7 days, limit 2 people.
  1. We offer technician to customer for technical support, but customer should help to arrange travel and cover local living cost.