China wire bending machine
Wire Bending Machine

2D 3D Wire Bending Machine

2D 3D Wire Bending Machine
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PB100- 3A is a 3 dimensional CNC wire bending machine . three-axis with Japan yaskawa servo motor . Feeding (Y) axis,  Rotation (B) axis, Bending (C) axis,, axial displacement of the up and down, catch a feeding device, rotary feeder, automatic feeding device, discharge device are driven by electromagnetic cylinder, the machine has three axis control guarantee high precision, bigger bending power  , all programming and input directly in conversational industrial computer touch screen, all the information that can be automatically choose in Chinese or English display, operation is convenient, rapid and accurate.

High performance of 3D automatic CNC wire bending machine widely used in mass production or standardized production, such as in car and motorcycle parts, such as car seat frame steel wire, the framework and steel wire of the visor, car door lock lever, hood support bar and so on, also used in the shopping cart, storage, shelves and other products of wire bending.

Products Sample:
Item Unit Value
Soft wire mm ¢3-8
Hard wire mm ¢3-6
Wire length mm 950
Distance between the bending head and machine body mm 700
Input method   YBC XYZ
Programming storage   Unlimited
Feeding   rolling feed
feeding (Y) axis power Kw 0.75
Max.feeding speed m/min 80(adjustment)
Feeding accuracy mm ±0.01
Rotation (B) axis power Kw 0.1
Rotation speed Deg/sec 360°(adjustment)
Rotation accuracy degree ±0.01
Bending (C)axis power Kw 1.3
Bending speed Deg/sec 360°(adjustment)
Bending accuracy degree ±0.01
Ultimate capacity Kw 2.5
Machine Size(L×W×H) mm 1500×300×700
Gross weight Kgs 1500