China CNC Wire Bending Machine
Wire Bending Machine

3D CNC Wire Bending Machine 3-4 Axis

WB80-4A is a 3 dimensional automatic CNC wire bending machine.
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WB80-3A is a three-dimensional three-axis full-electric numerical control bending machine. The CNC bending machine uses the Japanese Mitsubishi servo motor to drive the wire (F) shaft, the head rotation (R) axis, and the bending line (B) axis. The cylinder is cut off; the machine has the characteristics of high precision of three-axis control and large bending power. All programming and input are directly performed on the dialogue industrial display. All information descriptions can be automatically selected in Chinese or English. The operation is extremely convenient, fast and accurate. High-performance three-dimensional CNC bending machine is widely used in mass production or standardized production, such as in steam, locomotive and other parts, such as car seat skeleton wire, sun visor skeleton wire, car door lock lever, hood support rod, etc. At the same time, it is applied to the bending of wires for shopping carts, storage, shelves and other products.
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Item Unit Value
Wire range- Soft wrie mm ¢2.5-8
Wire range-Hard wire mm ¢2-6
Wire length mm Unlimited
Distance between the bending head and machine body mm 700
Input method   value input
Programming storage   Unlimited
Feeding   rolling feed
feeding (Y) axis power Kw 4.4
Max.feeding speed m/min 80(adjustment)
Feeding accuracy mm ±0.05
Rotation (B) axis power Kw 2.9
Rotation speed Deg/sec 360°(adjustment)
Rotation accuracy degree ±0.05
Bending (C)axis power Kw 2.9
Bending speed Deg/sec 360°(adjustment)
Bending accuracy degree ±0.05
Cutting (Z) axis power Kw 2.9
Cutting speed Deg/sec 750°(adjustment)
Cutting accuracy Deg ±0.05
Ultimate capacity Kw 22
Machine Size(L×W×H) mm 3350×1650×1700
Gross weight Kgs 3500