Asymmetrical 3-Roller Plate Bending Machines
Plate Rolling Machine

Asymmetrical 3-Roller Plate Bending Machines

Asymmetrical 3-Roller Plate Bending Machines
1. Work roll up device adopts worm gear box structure, good lubrication performance, worm gear, worm little wear and tear, low noise. 
2. The side roller adopts electronic scale monitoring, which can effectively control side roller location, convenient operation, reduce the labor intensity.
3. The discharge device adopts closed structure, reasonable stress frame, high strength. 
4. The safety stop device is convenient to use, with all round safety rope, the operation staff can operate in any location.
5. The machine will stop immediately to avoid the accident.
MODEL Unit SMART-6×1550 SMART-8×1550 SMART-10×1550 SMART-6×2550 SMART-7×2050 SMART-6×3100
Max. rolling width mm 1550 1550 1550 2550 2050 3100
Max. rolling thickness mm 6 8 10 6 7 6
Roller dia. mm 170 170 170 190 170 190
Min. internal dia. mm 255 255 255 290 255 290
Motor power KW 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
Back roller motor KW 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2
Packing size mm 3350x870x1150 3350x870x1150 3350x870x1150 4350x870x1250 3850x870x1150 4800x870x1250
Weight. kg 1850 1950 2050 4150 2450 4250

Frame:Welded, temper and boring process.
Rollers:Forging → rough machining → Heat process(quench and temper)→fine machining(keep 0.1mm surplus)→ Roller surface intermediate frequency quench→ inspect→ grind
Main parts processing technology
Upper roller:
Cast steel ingot(Chemical Analysis)——Check face——Forged blank——After forging anneal——UT——Rough Machining(mechanical test)——Heat treatment(hardening and tempering)——Semi-finishing processing——Finish machine.
b.Welding structure:Machine frame, seat and driven box.
Purchasing plat(Chemical Analysis,mechanical test)——Steel plate pre-treatment——Cutting——Welding——Welding seam check——Anneal——Rough machining——Vibration aging——Finish machining.