ASU automatic cutting cell/Full automatic shear machine

ASU automatic cutting cell/Full automatic shear machine

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Update time : 2018-04-06 09:09:00
Production description :
Using ASU automatic shearing unit can greatly increase the automation level of sheet metal processing , reducing the intensity of labor , high productivity, high quality , high efficiency , and high returns.
Production features:
The important parts adopt world famous brand products and improve the reliability and accuracy of the equipment.
Adequate space travel to accommodate the processing of large and complex artifacts.
The advanced plate separation technology ensure that only one board is grabbed at a time.
It adopts the automatic control system to realize the automatic operation of materials , feed material , precise material and unloading.
It is equipped with clamp and clamp panel to ensure the consistency of each product.
We will work 24 hours a day and scale down the heavy labor task. According to the different workpiece, the jig tool can be changed flexibly to meet the requirements of different processing.