China 2 Rolls Plate Rolling Machine
Plate Rolling Machine

2 Rolls Plate Rolling Machine

CNC Control 2 Rollers Plate Rolling Machine
Description Specification
2 Rolls Plate Rolling Machine
SMART CNC hydraulic 2-roll plate bending machines are designed for rolling and bending thin plates with thickness less than 4mm, to meet the needs of pre-processing of sheet metal from tank manufacturers, cylinder manufacturers, tube manufacturers.
These plate bending rolls are widely used for processing water heater tank, air tank, fire extinguisher, air compressor tank, resonator pipe, air duct in various industries, including auto parts, solar water heaters, food machinery, metal processing equipment, etc.
The maximum thickness of materials processed by this hydraulic plate rolling machine reaches 6mm, and diameter less than 1000mm. By adopting high grade polyurethane rollers, it can ensure stable operation and long service life.
Main Rolling Machine Equipment capacity
a) Single person operation;
b) Using two-hand button operation console layout;
c) Equipment length, width, height (unit: mm):Please see model
d) Processing material: stainless steel, carbon steel;
e) The processing range is in diameter: Please see model
f) Length range of processed pipe body: Please see model;
g) Range of wall thickness of processed pipe: 0.8mm-3.0mm;
h) Diameter tolerance requirements after processing: +/- 0.5mm;
i) The size difference of the opening after rounding: less than 10mm;
j) Lateral displacement after rounding: +/- 0.5mm;
k) No scratches on the surface of the pipe after rolling;
l) Equipment production cycle: 5-20 seconds / piece;

Standard types
Model S500 S700 S1000 S1500
Rated power(KW) 3 3 6 6
Hydraulic pressure range(Mpa) 3-8 3-8 4-12 4-12
Thickness(mm) 0.8-2.5 0.8-2.5 0.8-3.5 0.8-3.5
Rolling Diameter(mm) 90-300 100-300 150-450 200-450
Rolling Width(mm) 50-500 50-700 50-1000 50-1500
Machine size(m) 1.9×1×1.2 2.3×1×1.3 2.9×1×1.4 3.3×1×2.1
Weight(kgs) 1,100 1,500 1,800 2,400
Customized types
Model C500 C700 C1000 C1500
Rated power(KW) 6 6 7.7 7.7
Hydraulic pressure range(Mpa) 4-12 4-12 5-16 5-16
Thickness(mm) 0.8-6 0.8-6 0.8-6 0.8-4
Rolling Diameter(mm) 100-450 100-450 200-600 200-600
Rolling Width(mm) 100-500 100-700 100-1000 100-1500
Machine size(m) 2.5×1×1.4 2.5×1×1.4 3.1×1.1×1.5 3.5×1.1×2.5
Weight(kgs) 1,800 1,800 2,300 2,700